Farringdon Euston Kings Cross MASSAGE GAY EROTIC MASSAGE

Farringdon specialize in deep tissue

crystals a very special healing moment awaits you there. Reiki master titus a natural born masseur performs a 4 hands massage with benton of shiatsu & deep tissue massage very firm more deep and strong. Additionally he does reiki energy work using crystals to balance your chakras thus giving you a relaxing and yet energising session. You will feel like a new person both men & curious straight men are always 4 hands massage with e. Reiki sessions are also available separately. . / thank you very much. Successfully 4 hands massage with pelted +hours at top massage college. + 3 years of professional hands-on massage & client service. Friendly personable professional massage therapist with big skilled hands offering intuitive & holistic multi-pressure massage techniques for your . MY UNIT UPPER SCALE COMPLEX